Vova and Marina, Ukrainian missionaries serving in Riga, Latvia.

Sent by their home church in Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Supported state side through Catalyst for Kids.

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My husband and I are both from Ukraine and we have been married for more than five years. Even before we became a family – actually, on our very first date – he told me that his dream was to go as a missionary to a foreign country. I thought it was . . . romantic and we agreed to put this dream on a special ‘Dreams shelf’ (I guess there is one in every heart) with the rest of our dreams while we get down to something more urgent and practical – earning money for our newborn family. We were working, the dream was sleeping.

Sometimes it woke up and cried, but we were so busy with . . . life that we didn’t even hear it cry. Sometimes we did, so we fed it with our prayers, lulled it, and seeing it fall asleep again, went back to work.

But – fed with our prayers and prayers of some saints, nourished by the examples of some heroes of faith – the dream grew up and grew stronger. We realized that being saved is not the conclusion of someone’s life, but only an introduction to it, to a life that is meaningful, purposeful, worth living. Because the only thing that will count over there – in heaven – is whether you have Christ and whether you shared Him with those who don’t.

This is why we came to Latvia and why we are going to stay here. If you want to know how to pray for us, please go to our web page with our monthly prayer letters. It will be the greatest support to our ministry. If you want us to pray for you, please write to us through our web page. It will be our honor and blessing.

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