Olya Lishchenko – Vinnitsa

Olya Lishchenko serves as a missionary in and through her home church in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.  Her ministry focuses on working with teens and young adults in discipleship and showing them how to minister to others where they live and through the world.  Olya

February 2016:  Pray as Olya serves in Russia this month.

News from Russia 1

“It was a big surprise to meet Valya from Ukraine in the city of Rzhev, Russia.  Last time I saw her was at a children’s summer camp when she was 13 years old.  Valya grew up in a village in Ukraine but later married an unbelieving boy and moved to Russia.  Today she understands how difficult it is to have such a family.  Her husband doesn’t allow her to take their son to church.  We talked about the past and also prayed that all her family would come to believe in Christ.

News from Russia 2GOSPEL FOR ORPHAN CHILDREN:  Already on the second day of our stay we had an opportunity to bring the Gospel to an orphanage.  After our program on teen girl asked me “What are you doing to live a Christian life?  Do you need to follow some rules?”  Then I told her how God found me and about the importance of following Jesus.  We are praying that God will continue to work in her life and heal her broken heart.

News from Russia 3TEENS AND CHILDREN’S CLUBS:  In the city of Rzhev  2 clubs were started: “Rock” for teens and “Navigator” for children.  All the children come from unbelieving families.  We were happy to see parents there also.  They listened to the truth and responded very well.  One boy who was very difficult for us asked why Jesus died for him and if he dies where will he go?  Today these clubs continue each week.  Children from the club have already started to attend Sunday School.  We pray that God will help a member of the local church to continue this ministry.


September – October, 2015 Olya was working with a church in Kazakhstan.

1.To encourage brothers and sisters in Christ.
2. To do children’s and teen’s camps
3. To share the Gospel
4. To answer God’s calling and prayers


Olya pict“June 6th to 11th, we had a children’s camp for 97 unbelievers.
Some of them were from an orphanage and others from very poor and large families. Our main desire was to show them that God is real and at any moment they can easily to talk to Him.”


April – May, 2015

Thank you very much for your faithfulness in prayers and financial support for me! At this moment I’m serving full time through my local church “Grace church” in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

Missions: “Mission Team”
As we know summer will come very soon. This is a great opportunity to serve to the missionary churches with children’s camps. We have called all young people of the church to take part in the camps and to be a participant of the summer mission team. At our meetings we are creating a children’s program, learning how to build a mutual understanding of team, praying for God’s guidance. Please, pray for us that God will show us His will in the process of preparation. To be continued…

Teens: “Challenge”
The group of teens is already growing and they become young adults. Each of them are looking for their own place in life, understanding of whom they are and where they will go. That is why we gave them a challenge: “ Who wants to devote your time and to serve God? “ At this moment from 20 teens 5 responded. Every week we have a regular preparation time. Our first ministry happened at Easter. We visited a small church in the village. Teenagers shared their testimony and sang songs.
Luba” I’m thankful to God very much for this opportunity to serve. Before that challenge I asked God where and how I could serve. Thanks God”
Tanya:”I like to serve together with youth very much. I had this desire for a long time. I hope we will continue to do it.”

Please, pray for our further preparation and ministry. We have a strong passion to do one ministry each month. We need God’s wisdom, patience and understanding of His will.