OM missionaries

Hitherto hath the LORD helped us.

It is a privilege to work in partnership with national OM missionaries serving in Vinnitsa among and with their own people.  Our role is to support them through prayer, networking and financially as God provides.  Follow our joint ministries or visit their website.

April 2016 working together:

Youth from the Vinnitsa OM team and CFK Ukraine program coordinator visited Plyskiv orphanage to have a short Easter program for the children and some of the workers joined as well. The OM group did a wonderful puppet show and then shared treats and gifts. They visited all the children in all the rooms and made sure everybody received attention.  IMG_5312 IMG_5305We are so blessed to work together with this great local team.  They are the hands and hearts sharing the love we all have for these special children/adults who call Plyskive home.


June 2015:  “You gave us what we really need nowadays. Thank you for your prayers and ministry support.”

The first VBS camp was recently started, and we were blessed to help with buying sport equipment and some supplies. Anya Zhaltir, an OM missionary tells us how it went.

. . . It was only God who made it possible for us to run this camp and work out all the small details. He blessed us with sunny warm weather, with a wonderful team, unity between each other and each day about 50 children came. Most of the children were from needy families, some of their fathers are in the war in the eastern Ukraine, some of the children lost their fathers and are still having hard time.


All the children were special and had their own gifts and talents. There were three handicapped boys who joined our camp. At the beginning they didn’t want to participate in anything and just were watching other kids from a distance. But one day the kids had to show their talents and one of the handicapped boys said that he also wanted to show something. He could hardly walk, but how surprised we were when he did 20 really hard sport exercises. His participation was a big encouragement for us and for the rest of the children. In this boy we could see that though we are all different we are all special in God’s eyes.

Many of the children heard truths about Jesus for the first time. For the first time they had a chance to get to know God closer and to pray to Him, to a real and personal God and not to icons.


We had our day camp in the building of a local village school. At the end of the camp the school director said: “You gave us what we really need nowadays – faith in God and love to people. We want to keep our relations on and will be looking forward for our next meeting”.

The next camp will be on from June 28. It will be a week camp, in the village of Cherepashentci whose pastor, Boris Stupak, is supported through CFK. Please, pray with us that this camp goes well and easy, pray for the local church that will be a part of it.