Partners in Medical Outreach and Development

We are excited to be partnering with Dr. David McLaughlin and his medical outreach ministries. To join in this ministry with financial gifts, your donations to Catalyst for Kids may be sent with a note: for PMOD.Kenya

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have been doing medical trips for 25 years on multiple continents, in large referral hospitals, in small hospitals and clinics, and in the bush where nothing but sick people exist. The burden in my soul for these people who live in darkness without a Savior and suffer and die from common problems and Tropical diseases, live without clean water, exist on inadequate calories, and many times have no medications of any type leaves me more burdened than ever.
About 5 years ago I partnered with Misiker Kedebe to go on yearly short term medical mission trips to Ethiopia where he was born. In 2015 we began to focus on the rural areas exclusively where the Oromo people live.

The Oromo are a people that live scattered in small villages, and are almost totally unreached by the Gospel according to Joshua Project. They have virtually no infrastructure of any type and live like they did hundreds of years ago. The villages we go to surround the large Koka Lake, which is their most dependable source of water. Unfortunately, Lake Koka is best described as wastewater since in addition to the Awash River that feeds it, it collects sewage run off from the hundreds of villages that surround it. Also, the factories that surround it dump untreated wastewater/chemicals into it.

There is more that can be done to make a lasting difference than just handing out pills.
1. Continuity of Care. We try to go to the same villages each year and establish local contacts that we involve in the delivery of that care, involving the local church as much as possible, buying our meds at the same pharmacy, and using the same translators every year.
2. Development of Essential Resources. The development of a clean, dependable water source, adequate protein, and available meds is good medical care; short-term medical teams are an ideal starting point for the development of these resources.
3. Health Maintenance and Education. This incorporates things that we take for granted such as the use of soap and clean water for skin care, wound care, clean bandages, and vitamins. We have to teach the ‘how’s and whys’ of good wound care as well as make supplies available that are affordable.
4. Development of a Referral Base. We have developed a relationship with a private hospital where we can take patients who absolutely need inpatient care.
5. Slow, Controlled Expansion. With God’s guidance and wisdom we hope to continue to expand to the furthest and most inaccessible villages without it consuming every resource.
6. Everything We Do is Gospel Focused and Saturated with the Love of Christ. What we do for the people in need and in pain – how we listen, the compassion we show, and even how we touch them – gives testimony to our relationship to Christ. It authenticates the claims we make about ourselves and about Jesus Christ being the Son of God and Savior of the world.

In His Grace Dr. Dave

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