Black Sea. June 2013

We would like to thank you for your support and prayers for the group of Plisciv children during these last 10 days. This past Friday morning they safely arrived back to their orphanage home. Ira went to meet them at the train station and hardly recognized their sun tanned smiley faces. Interrupting each other, they were so anxious to tell about everything they had experienced during their holidays away from orphanage live. Everything was new for them: first time on a train, first time for so long away from the orphanage, first time to the sea and aquatic museum, first time taking walks on the beach and making new friends…


But the most important that during all these days they were treated like everybody else, they didn’t feel different, which was also new and unusual for the 2 orphanage workers who joined them.


Larissa (the Christian lady who hosted the children) and her team provided 4 nice meals a day, clean beds, some fun activities, and of course Bible stories.  The children made new friends with Christian youth from Saki and Yevpatoriya.  They learned more about God and even the Plisciv orphanage workers joined in prayers and services. 


This trip seemed like an unreal dream for Plisciv children, but it became true. And the photo albums with pictures that each child received will remind them again and again that it was all true. They will remind everyone that what seems impossible for us is possible for God.


“We know we have to behave and to pray for the whole year to be back to the sea” said the children, “we really would like to go back”.   We also hope God will make it possible next year as well and that even more Plisciv children will be able to join for such a trip.

On behalf of Plisciv children we want to express thankfulness for the prayers and support in making this trip possible.

With grateful hearts,

 Ira, Plsiciv children, orphanage workers, and Lynnise.