Summer party, August 2013

Though it is summer, and most children are enjoying their school vacations, our two schools in Plisciv and Ladizhin orphanages still carry on. 

In Ladizhin orphanage our “school”  works without brakes.  Each teacher has three weeks off, but when one of them is gone for holidays, other teachers replace her, so no brakes for the children and they love it!

During the summer the children do some different activities and try to spend more time outside, sometimes just playing together or simply enjoying the fresh air.

Ldj 4

For the children who are in wheelchairs it is no problem.

ldj 2There are some difficulties however with the children who cannot walk and spend their days in bed: the orphanage doesn’t have beds on wheels or extra wheelchairs to accommodate their cripple bodies, so the workers transport the children in regular laundry cards without special seats or pillows…

Ldj 5But then children sit on the grass or benches if they can.

Ldj 3Today there was celebration at Ladizhin orphanage. The school children prepared a “summer” program of poems, skits, and stories to perform outside. Lots of orphanage children joined to watch it as well as the orphanage workers. Ira, CFK’s Ukraine administrator couldn’t go but there was a church youth group willing to take her place, and bring back pictures and stories to share. The youth from the church were very impressed with the children’s performance and the enthusiasm of the teachers!   And the children asked them to pass on many greetings those who remember them, pray for, and support their school. And a special thank you for providing treats, they always make school celebrations special!!!

Ldj 1