Pl child #1

To gaze upon the soft features of a child’s face,

To bask in the glow of their tender young skin.

Delight in their easy, accepting smile and feel their anticipation.

Dance with the light of their innocent eyes.

Sense their potential.

To hold this beautiful gem in the palm of one’s hand,

Kiss their tender cheek and taste the sweetness of their soul

Then to be shocked by the harsh reality of the neglect, hopelessness, disease, and oppression of their environment.

To have this cruel reality come crashing down wave after wave as

Face after face looks up to you

For love, acceptance, escape, answers, hope, help . . .

The impressions haunt all who visit such a place

They are images I cannot forget, nor forsake.

Lynnise Stoltzfus

Co-founder of Catalyst for Kids