School Teachers


The success of CFK’s learning programs in special needs orphanages depends upon the love and compassion of the local ladies we hire as teachers, therapists, and care givers.  Please pray for these wonderful ladies.

Kuchma NataliaNatalia Kuchma  studied to be a tailor by profession. But right after graduation in 1998 she started working as a caregiver in Plyskiv orphanage. After observing our school, she asked if she could be a teacher in our program.

“The years of working in Plyskiv orphanage will always be the most memorable years of my life. I remember when I first came to the orphanage… It was not easy to adjust, but with time I started loving my job more and more. I started noticing not just the problematic and difficult children but also some potential in them, I learned that some of them were placed in this institution by mistake and could do much better if they were in a different school. After 14 years of working with Plyskiv children I have learned their habits and skills.  Just by looking at the children I can say what mood they are in each day. The children are each very unique, they have their ups and downs, but I have learned how to respond to them.

What really changed the life of some of the Plyskiv children is the school organized by CFK. At the beginning there was little hope for its success, even between the orphanage workers there were doubts. But now I can surely say that it was and is successful! The children who are at school have learned manners, they are more adjusted to life, they know about everything, and can even go shopping alone in the village market… Some of them have even learned to read and to write. They have everything needed for their school, and their school life is not much different from than of most school children from families.

I love working with my group of school children, and am proud to say that our school has became like a “business card” of our orphanage.”