Children’s Cancer Hospital

In Vinnytsia, Ukraine is a hospital for children with cancer. Some of the parents stay there with their children for weeks and months hoping for a miracle.  They need encouragement and support, as it is not an easy place to be or even come for a visit.

A group of children and teenagers from a local church  wanted to go there with a puppet show. It sounded like a good idea yet there was little hope that they will be allowed at the hospital. But God showed His mercy as permission was given!


  It was an act of support to the parents and children, and nobody was left without attention.  When it was time to leave some of the parents and their children had tears in their eyes and the hospital staff asked the group to come back again.


          The visit brought them a bit of love and care, a bit of joy and hope. But the most important is that they know that somebody will pray for them, that somebody cares. We ask you to join in prayer too, and thank for your part in this visit.

      Jeremy Hanson of Bozeman, Montana organized a fundraiser while celebrating with his support team following his treatments.  The funds given help the Ukraine team to visit with and give birthday presents to the children who will have a birthday while in the hospital.