“Ukraine with Love” is a shipping ministry out of Bozeman, Montana.

This ministry is seeking new leaders to coordinate the collecting, sorting, storing and shipping of boxes.  If you are interesting in being involved or leading this ministry please contact us.

April 2016 Update from our partners in Poltava Ukraine:

We have received four boxes and we’re very thankful to God for you and for those people who donated these things in order to help Ukraine.
Through this ministry God gave us an opportunity to meet Bohdan who is 15 years old and studies at a vocational school.  His father is in prison now and his mother was killed not long ago so Bohdan is on his own.  He has two brothers (6 and 4 years old) and two sisters (3 and 4 years old). Social service took them to an orphanage. Bohdan tries to visit them regularly and he wants to be their foster dad when he gets older so that they wouldn’t be separated. Bohdan lives in a small kitchen of an old house. There is no electricity, no gas, no money. We gave him clothes from your GBC boxes, gave him food and 700 Hryvnias ($26 USD). This money will be enough for food for a week. I told him about Christ’s love, and asked him whether he believes in God and he said that he wanted to believe. Now our aim is to change Bohdan’s surrounding. We would like him to start attending our Christian youth club and to become a new man in Christ. Please pray for this. 140420161350Serving Christ together with you, Nikolai and Elena



November 2015 Update:

Our ministry partners in Ukraine have been really busy lately, and I wanted to share with you a small glimpse of what has been going on. It is spurred on by the latest shipment arriving to Ira’s garage with clothes, shoes, handmade winter scarfs and hats, school supplies, and peanut butter to mention a few of the items cleaned and packed by a group in Bozeman.
Soon families and ministry partners started arriving to assist with the distribution. Alexandra and her mother are from the eastern part of Ukraine. By God’s grace they were able to leave the area and ended up in Vinnitsa. For a year, along with their grandpa, they lived in the church building; trying to forget the sounds of the war and to adjust to a new life. Just a few months ago they rented an old house and the mother found a job. Life is not easy for them, but there is no way to go back to their native city, no place to come to. It was a real blessing to share clothes, shoes and blankets with this family.
Ruslan is a new ministry partner Ira met at an opening ceremony for a Christian nursing home. Since that time he has gone on many of the visits to orphanages, playing his guitar and becoming friends to the children. His ministry is in prisons and rehabilitation centers. He also takes trips to Eastern Ukraine so Ira loaded him up with clothes and peanut butter which each shipment now includes.

Then there are visits to “nursing homes” with folks from the local church. Each visitor has made special friends and in-between the monthly visits they exchange letters and phone calls.
And visits to orphanages. On one such trip a retired couple came along, Galina and Jacob who have big hearts for orphans. Galina is the director of Sunday school teachers so she and her husband shared a Bible lesson/story with the orphanage children. At the end they prayed together with the children and gave out bananas and cookies as well as Christian books and Daily Bread calendars. Each child also received a winter hat from the boxes that had been shipped. In spite of rain and cold autumn air, it was a good day filled with love and warmth of the hearts.
busy as bees orp
On a visit to Plisciv orphanage Ira brought along students from a beauty salon school. It was had on the young girls as they realized for the first time how others live. But in the end they were glad they went and enjoyed sharing their talents. Trips such as these not only make an impact on the Plyskiv children but also on those who visit such a place for the first time. “I’ll never be the same again,” one visitor remarked.
On behalf of children, refugees, elderly, ministry partners, and families we want to thank those who support these ministry, donate and ship the supplies, and help make such trips possible.

Currently this ministry is organized by Chuck and Jan Jenkins with many faithful volunteers helping; clothes, shoes, school supplies, and art materials are collected and shipped to Ukraine where they are distributed through churches, neighbors, and orphanages.


Chuck and Jan are looking for a younger couple to continue this ministry.